Metropolitan - szkoła językowa

Polish for Foreigners in Wrocław

Planning to stay in Poland for a while? Learning the language is an important step to understanding the world around you .
Whether you have come to Poland to work, study, or just spend some time, learning Polish will connect you to the people you meet. At METROPOLITAN Polish lessons you will learn the practical Polish language skills you need to live and work in Poland.
You will practice speaking the basic vocabulary and structures to help you communicate in your daily life, at work, at school and socially.

Our courses are taught by Polish teachers with a wealth of experience teaching foreigners living in Poland, teachers who understand the need for the practical, everyday Polish you will use in your daily situations. The main focus is on developing speaking and listening skills, and increasing vocabulary, so that hopefully you will be able to notice quick improvement in your daily encounters with the Polish language. Excellent for beginners.

Both group courses and individual courses are offered, with an emphasis on speaking, and giving you  the practical skills you need for working and living in Poland. The purpose of the course is to enable you to use Polish in everyday situations, in the shop or at the kiosk, at the post office, the train station, or the bank.

So sign up and let your Polish adventure begin.